Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments


Here’s an easy idea for a Christmas ornament that people will love.  Make a photo transfer using the method of your choice.  The above pictures were digital images loaded onto a computer and reversed.  Then I played with the software to get rid of distracting backgrounds.  After making  and baking my transfer, I mounted it on green clay or gold  rolled to the thickest setting.  I used my wavy blade and needle tool to make holly leaves and berries.  You could also use a leaf cookie cutter.  On the ornament of Max the dog, I cut a bone out of bone colored clay and scribed his name in with a needle tool.  After baking, I rubbed in brown ochre paint and wiped it off.   I drilled holes at the top of the ornaments and used 16 gauge copper wire with wrapped loops for the hangers.  On two of the ornaments, I  drilled a hole in the bottom and looped store bought tassels through.

People who have a new baby in the house love these ornaments.   Here is an example, made in a slightly different way, but you can get the idea by looking at the picture.


For more information on polymer clay photo transfers,  check out the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild’s blog, The PAPCG Reporter, Dotty McMillan’s instructions, and Donna Kato’s blog.