Synergy I Carol Duvall

How many people got started in polymer clay after seeing it on the Carol Duvall show? Too many to count. At Synergy, Carol recalled her early days as a home maker when most house holds did not have a television. She and a friend tried out for a local TV show on a lark. To their shock, they got the job and were soon doing a live children’s show, scripting it as they went along. Carol’s career grew from there, the result of hard work and luck. But we all know it was more than that. She had a special quality you can’t be taught. She was good at what she did and made us all feel it was OK to be a rank beginner and ask basic questions. Some of the many polymer clay artists who appeared on her show attended Synergy, including Donna Kato, Judy Belcher, Ann and Karen Mitchell and many others. They posed for a group photo at the end and were heartily applauded by the crowd.