More on Hearts

I watched The Jewelry Making Professor’s Puffy Heart tutorial and recommend it to all my beading friends who want to learn how to make the Puffy Heart. The video is sharply filmed and the viewer is right on top of the beading action. The Professor describes each step as she makes the heart, and you can follow along and pause the video when you need to. While this is not a beginner’s project the video has some clever ideas to help it along, like laying out the beads in groups for each step. The Professor also recommends using bigger (6mm) crystals while learning the project-a good idea when you are trying any new beading technique.

As an added bonus, The Jewelry Making Professor shows two methods for attaching the heart to a chain; one by making a beaded bail and the other with jump rings. If you want to learn to make Puffy Hearts, this is the perfect video for you.

When you’ve made a few dozen hearts and are wondering what to do with them, go to Suzanne Golden’s site for inspiration. Don’t get so excited by all her fabulous beadwork that you miss what she does with her hearts. Thanks to my friend Jeri Schatz for telling me about this wonderful web site.