New Lampwork from an Unlikely Souce



My friend Sandeye gave me these glass chunks.  They were left over from a glass installation she and  Phil Jurus assisted with in New York City some years ago.

Sandeye wondered how the glass would looked made into beads fumed with fine silver,  I said  I would give it a go and see what turned out.



First, I  pulled the chunks into rods and stringers.  Slowly, I might add.

Then I started making beads.


I couldn’t mix the glass since I didn’t know the COE of any of it, so I experimented with silver fuming.


Then I got bolder.

I added copper metal leaf


I added baking soda


I added pixie dust


I mixed them all up and fumed again


I put raised stringer designs on them


I melted the stringers in


I made hollow beads


I tried reduction flames


I even thinned aluminum foil in my rolling mill to see how that would work.  Not too well.


I made spacers


I made tubes


I made round beads


I made tablets


I even cut up copper pot scrubbers and got some cool effects.


See those dark spots? That’s copper scrubber I cut with scissors.

Eventually, I used up all the glass.


By the way, I made the beads on my new Mega Minor torch I bought from Wale Apparatus at Bead Fest in August.

I’ve been busy, haven’t I?


Think Sandeye will be surprised when she gets her beads? Don’t worry.  I will keep a few.