Ideas for Christmas Ornaments

I am currently in the middle of a quilting binge, so this years’ ornaments are sewn.

Although my birdie (which was supposed to be a dove)looks more like a crested partridge, I like him because he has a Dr. Seuss look about him and an Elvis haircut. I have some patterns I made that you can download as PDF files or you can draw your own. You can also, as I saw somewhere on the Internet, use cookie cutters to trace a pattern.

Be sure to cut your fabric 1/4″ to 5/8″ larger all around to allow for your seams or your ornament will be too small. You can scan the PDF files and change the size any way you want. You can also do this with drawings.

All the patterns are simple-you cut out two pieces of fabric, place the right sides together and sew them up leaving a little opening so you can stuff in the fiberfill.  With the tree, I cut out a circle, whip stitched it to the bottom, and then neatened up the seam with some tiny stitches.


I was going to try to make a cone pattern when I realized that because I was working with fabric and not metal, two triangles sewn together and stuffed  would make a cone (duh. . )  And so they did.    I sewed on the pom poms just in case this ornament comes into contact with pets or small children.  If you don’t have that worry, you can use fabric glue.  You also might consider beads, a ball hanging from the bottom, gluing on a mini garland- let yourself go wild.  But not too wild.  Santa is always watching.  

If you are like me and flunked scissors in kindergarten,  try cutting out one side of the pattern and instead of cutting out the other side, sew the cut side to the other piece of fabric and then trim the excess.  This gives you a lot more control over the size of your seams.

You can download my  simple patterns for a tree, ball, bird and two stars  here and here, and alter them to suit your needs.