The Language of Flowers in Felt

I went on a felted flower frenzy before the holidays and gave away most of the ones I made. There are lots of tutorials on the web. I liked this tutorial on Make It and Love It although I always add my own tweaks. Here’s another one from The I don’t like to use hot glue; I sew everything. If you’re going to take the time to make something, why not make it to last?

For most of the flowers, I started with sweaters I fulled into felt . I used felt beads I’d already made for the center of the flowers.(Tip – you can cut a felt bead in half with a single edged razor blade and you have two flower centers!). I shaded the petals with some needle felting and with Sharpie Fabric Markers which don’t have to be heat set. I shaped some petals by “blocking” and sewing. I also did some beading embellishment.

As for different techniques, there are tutorials on pom-pom flowers, box folded flowers, felted roses and layered felt flowers. And don’t forget YouTube.

You don’t have to limit yourself to felt either. Tipnut has links to tutorials for 30 different fabric flowers.

Want to see more pictures from South Jersey Clayathon? Press here

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