Beaded Beads New Work and Old Favorites

Anyone who knows me well knows that when I get obsessed with something crafty,  I sleep, eat and dream it until I get it out of my system.    I have gone through beaded bead obsessions before and am experiencing my latest one.  The beads I am making now are an unplanned, free form peyote and I am trying four, three, two drop and standard versions as I stitch my way around the beads.  I am using Japanese beads: Delicas, Miyuki 11/0 seed beads and some size 15/0, and some old round Japanese seed beads my friend Dorothy gave me a few years ago.     I am finding inspiration in the work of  Gustav Klimt.

New Work

The round  bead on the left is about 25mm

 Older Work

Beaded Beads

triple drop peyote

Double Peyote Bracelet Embellished Detail 4

example of beaded bead used in closure

Beaded Bead Sampler necklace

Sampler using peyote, netting, right angle weave and brick stitch.  The spacers are Nikia Angel’s Sparkley Wheels.

A great source of wooden  beads, ovals and rounds,  size small to huge is  Craftparts.  Finally, check out  Amy Karash fine bead work  I have adored her work for years.

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