I Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

“I stand on the shoulders of giants , ” said the evil feline mad scientist as he prepared to experiment on a hapless mousie.  And who are those giants? Victor Frankenstein, Henry Jekyll,Emilio Lizardo. . .  you get the idea.   There are those who would say I have too much time on my hands. Maybe I do.  But there are also those who know that a rich fantasy life  can be as rewarding a recreational activity as roller skating or cake decorating.

I started to make Evil  Dr. Meowovich  during Clayathon under the expert tutelage of Leslie Blackford.  One again, Plumpton was my Muse and he also served as paw and butt model. Well, maybe not butt model.  The butt model knows who he is.  Let that be our dirty little secret.

 The  lab  coat is a tip of the hat to  the James Wale version of Frankenstein.  Plumpton’s tail is not as big as the Evil Doctor’s, but he is equally capable of using it to knock over fragile heirlooms.

The knife comes to you by way of our old friend Norman Bates from Psycho. Plumpton did give some inspiration for Dr. Meowovich’s big tummy. The hapless mousie  comes courtesy of Plumpton’s prolific  career as a mouser.  At sixteen years old, Plumpton is retired and now works as a consultant and senior mouser.

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