Now Playing on My Computer Screen

Now and then  I like to share the  blogs and web sites that are current addictions or on my must check out list.  Here’s what’s currently playing my computer screen:
fauna  is my latest addiction.  Blogger Paxon is a naturalist and  writes mostly about zoology and biology.  His  creative prose  and  acerbic wit make these subjects  even more fascinating (I know-your high school science teacher murdered them forcing you to major in the humanities.)  Paxon can be flip (don’t read this post if you are easily offended) but he is hooked on  fauna  (sorry- but I couldn’t be the first. . .) He even  invites questions (with a few conditions).  You will learn and be endlessly amused.   Your high school biology teacher should thank him.
If you are the artsy type and  think you are not interested in science,   the pictures alone justify a look at fauna.  Besides, nature is the most elegant and economical designer.   And it’s all connected.
the things that live in the ocean never cease to amaze me :3
Here’s more!
Graftgawker  Crafty projects from blogs all over the Internet
Inspirational Beading  is chock full of beading tutorials.
Brandigirl Blog A Life Inspired by Color – another great beading blog
Linda Peterson Designs –  Polymer clay, mixed media, news and tutorials
 Barbe Saint John  -Saint John is a mixed media artist who writes for Belle Armoire Jewelry , and is a member of Susan Lenart Kazmer’s creative team for Objects and Elements .
Object Fetish – Look at jewelry until your eyes go blurry
Top Ten DIY Fashion Blogs – Stripes and Sequin’s  picks for 2012.  Something is sure to interest you here.
For those of you who loved Domino Magazine,   check out  Lonny Magazine.  But wait!  A special edition of Domino, Quick Fixes, hits the news stands on April 17!
Finally,  here’s a picture of my contribution to the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild’s  Spring Fundraiser.     I made the bezel (for the bezel challenged) and the cabochon.  I hope someone likes it enough to buy it.

Spring 2012 in Bob’s Garden

It’s another Spring in my neighbor Bob’s sidewalk garden. Bob is getting a banana tree ready to pot and plans to get a palm tree. The koi pond is stocked with minnows and one laid back turtle. Bob fished a turtle out of the pond last Fall and brought it inside for the winter, but it died. So he was surprised when he saw Turtle paddling happily around in the water. Turtle was in the pond all winter and Bob didn’t know it. A happy turn of events, but when he puts water lilies in the pond, he will have to protect them from Turtle’s voracious appetite.
Here are some pictures.

Barbra chewed off her perch in the tree, so Bob made her a new one.

Turtle seems oblivious to the foot and car traffic on the street but when he hears the click of the camera, he dives and paddles away.

Maybe turtle is shy about shedding his shell.

Sights and Sounds from the Streets of Barcelona

I hope you enjoy the little film I put together from photos and videos I took in Barcelona.

This weekend in Philadelphia
This is the weekend for Spring Beadfest Philadelphia.  More than one hundred vendors under one roof ! For more information, press here.
Don’t miss the 8th Annual International Fiber Biennial which runs to April 28, 2012 at the Snyderman Works Gallery 303 Cherry Street Philadelphia PA 19106. For more information press here.