Blog Hop Part Two

I have been cleaning out my workshop. I’ve pimped my jewelry making bench (pictures later) and have been rearranging things in preparation for the major redo that I plan after we have some work done on our home. I had been hoping to get in some torch time but the heat and some other things have been sapping my endurance. The pictures below show what I sent my Blog Hop partner Kristen at MJM Jewelry Designs. I expect to receive her package this week.    It arrived in the mail today and the contents are beautiful!  But I can’t post pictures just yet because my card reader decided  to quit.   I will post pictures soon, I promise.

 I made the black polymer clay beads.  The bugle beads are pretty old.  I love the color.

I rarely make sets of anything.  The set of lamp worked beads is an exception.

One of my custom made clasps.  If you are interested in trying this project, it’s not that difficult.  You can find my project article in the new e book,  10 Easy Wire Projects Using a Micro Torch