Pimp My Workbench

Once my jewelry making bench looked like this

Now it looks like this

I still have the same desk as a base but I took the legs off  and have replaced them with little book cases to add badly needed storage.   I finally can keep all my flex shaft attachments  in one place! The wall behind the bench is stucco over brick.  I had to learn how to use a hammer drill to put up the pegboard. I got an inexpensive one at Harbor Freight.  Once I got the hang of it, I was fine.

I got the wooden cubby thing at a thrift shop for five bucks.  I  found the drawer and the white hutch.  The gray shelf is part of an old Ikea Oppli TV stand I bought second hand a couple of years ago and used as a coffee table until I decided to replace it. (second hand Ikea furniture-can you get any cheaper unless it’s free?).  I took the top off, turned it upside down and took the wheels off.

I nailed a wire scrap onto the white hutch to hold pliers.  I have a lot more but these are the ones I use the most.

Harbor Freight magnetic tool holder.

An old computer keyboard drawer serves as another “drawer” for  hammers.

I found this old bannister finial.  It has a screw that used to go into the bannister but now goes into the TV stand workbench.  I use it for shaping metal.   I use the metal knob in the bench pin, probably found on trash day, for the same thing.

Side view with more storage.  The nice wood tabletop and metal racks are also found objects.  The small white riser is part of one of the shelves I had to saw off to make it the right height for the bench.

Another view

There are hooks overhead  from an old clothes line but perfect for my flex  shaft.    I am going to find a more secure way of hanging it, however, so it doesn’t fall when I use it.

I still have to find the appropriate place for my rolling mill and I have yet to install the talk holder for my EZ torch.    And I am eventually going to redo the rest of the work shop to make the storage work more efficiently.   I have so much more room now.