ClayConneCTion 2012

This year, I finally got to go to ClayConneCTion, the semi-annual retreat of the Southern  Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild.    The SCCG knows how to throw a party-er-retreat.  Besides plenty of work space in a brightly lit room, they had a full schedule of interesting demos in a quiet room with an overhead camera,  a fundraising auction,  a bead contest, a bottle of hope challenge and more.  You could participate as much or as little as you wanted.    There was lots to learn and lots of eye candy.   The facilities on the Connecticut College campus were conveniently close to one another and there was easy access to workroom, dormitory cafeteria, parking and a clown complete with funny shoes and a big red nose.   Now for the pictures.

Best Demo Set Up Ever!

Work Room

Lynne  Ann Schwarzenberg

Darleen Bellan

Sherman Oberson

Throw in a side trip to Wolf Myrow  in Providence RI with Sherman and Patty (and meeting the rest of the people there with the same idea) and my joy was complete.

Stay tuned for the big reveal!