The Road to the Reveal

August 11 is the big day for group 2 in the  6th Bead Soup Blog Party.    Lori Anderson is  a brave soul to organize this bash.  Four  hundred beaders from around the world are participating.  You are assigned a partner and you each swap a set of bead soup.  It’s not really bead soup as we have come to think of it-you send good beads-the kind you would want to use yourself  and you have to include a focal bead and a clasp.

My partner is Kristen Latimer of MJM Jewelry Designs.  She sent me so many wonderful beads and a silver toggle clasp.  I didn’t want to just string them. I wanted to do something that would stretch my skills and imagination.  The beads were talking to me but I think they had a sense of humor.  They chattered away, never getting to the point and then they clammed up.

This is a somewhat pathetic attempt at a focal piece which I quickly abandoned.    But the next day was serendipitous.

I found several pieces of high carbon wire-extremely thick wire- on the sidewalk.   I am not joking when I tell people that I work with glass, metal, polymer clay, seed beads and things I find on the sidewalk.

The wire was so thick I had to saw it  with a jewelers saw.  It buffed up to a nice matte finish.  And then I started to do what I do when I am stumped for an idea: I make components.  I made a lot of components.

I ended up scratching most of these ideas, but they were enough to get me started.  In the process, I tried several techniques that were new to me. All will be revealed on reveal day, so stay tuned.