Cheap and Easy (Drill Bit Storage That Is!)

I was trolling that delightful time sucker Pinterest a few months ago when I saw an awesome bur holder  sold on the Stuller website. It looked like it would hold hundreds of burs and drill bits in a compact space and could sit  right on the top of my jewelry bench.  Did I mention that I wanted one right then and there? I’m not given to impulse purchases, however,  so I tucked it into the back of my mind. Then one trash day, I found a wooden thing with four sides that spins. I think it’s a mug tree and kitchen utensil holder.  I took it home and studied it. Then I realized that it was a drill bit and bur holder  waiting for me to liberate it from its former job as a kitchen caddy.  It now sits proudly atop my jewelry bench enjoying its new role.


To make the transition from the kitchen to the jewelry bench, I first marked where the holes would go and then I drilled pilot holes with an electric drill and a 1/8 inch drill bit.  Then I went back and drilled the holes at an  angle so the burs and drill buts would slip in and stay put.



The wood caddy is hollow in the middle (probably meant for spoon storage)  so I took care to drill a number of holes only partially through so the bits without a brush, polisher or wheel on the top would not fall through.   If I want,  I can drill more holes on the top lip for more storage.


This project was easy and cheap since I found the wooden caddy.   It would probably be easy to make one of these with scrap wood and a lazy susan base.   Unless you can build something yourself,  however, it probably wouldn’t pay to buy an  item similar to the one I used to convert to a drill bit holder.  But keep your eyes open at house sales and flea markets.  And on trash day.

Window Shopping in Rome and Florence

I have never been much of a clothes horse. In fact, I was one of the pioneers of the grunge look years before it hit Seattle and spread across the country. Maybe it’s because clothes shopping was always an ordeal when I was young: never enough time or money, a convenient way for the parents to act out and shopping (and most other things) by committee leaves lots to be desired.

But when I got older and I didn’t have to follow anyone else’s agenda, I discovered the pleasures of window shopping. I can get my fill window shopping without spending a dime (although I sometimes do and that’s OK, too.)

Italian style and fashion has an inscrutable charm. If there is a better place to window shop than Italy (or the Ginza neighborhood in Tokyo) I don’t know where it is. I took the pictures on a recent trip to Italy. I hope you enjoy them.



Crochet Beads

Have you ever tried crocheting around beads?  It’s lots of fun and not difficult,  The beads below are HUGE,  an inch and a half in diameter.  I bought the wooden base beads from American Wood Supply.    Craft Passion has an excellent tutorial that you can alter to fit the size of your beads.





If you’re a visual learner, here’s a video that will give you an idea of the process

New Work



I still have a buzz from Clayathon  and am exploring some new ideas.  Here are some pictures.