Found Jewelry from City Sidewalks

I challenged myself to make a piece of jewelry entirely from materials I found on the sidewalk. Well, here it is.  What do you think?


The materials I used are pebbles, twigs, stripped electrical wire (12 and 18 gauge copper) and picture hanging cable.

I drilled holes in the pebbles and twigs with a hand rotary drill.  Find a tute on drilling rocks here.

I cut sections of the 12 gauge copper,  formed them into interesting shapes, bent a loop  on top for hanging  and pounded them with a hammer.  I also filed the ends because they get sharp!

I made a closure with the thinner wire by wrapping it around the  ends of the cable and fashioning a hook and eye.

Here’s a good tute on how to do that .

I don’t think I’d wear this necklace to a formal event, but I have worn it.   I recommend is  coating the twigs with resin after drilling  to strengthen them.   Then you could do all kinds of things with them!  You could color them with pencils and markers and make Christmas ornaments or jewelry components or garlands or  . . .  the list goes on and on.