A Walk Around My Neighborhood

I live in a neighborhood that the realtors dubbed Bella Vista. It’s really the northern boundary of South Philadelphia. The Ninth Street Market is right around the corner from where I live. It’s commonly called The Italian Market but this part of town has always had an influx of immigrants starting with the Germans, Swedish and Irish, and later the Italians. Now, Bella Vista is home to many Southeast Asian and Mexican transplants.

New Immigrants bring new foods with them and settle into their spaces in the market to sell their products. Don’t you dare squeeze the tomatoes or think you will be allowed to pick the peaches you want. The vendors do the picking for the customers, reducing shrinkage and keeping down costs. If you don’t like it, they will not hesitate to tell you to go to the bleeping Acme. (Pronounced Ack-A-Me).

Here are some pictures.

A Walk Down Pine Street

The area of Pine Street in Philadelphia  that stretches from about 13th to 9th Streets  is still known as  Antiques Row even though most of the antique stores have moved out.   The good news is that after a dry spell and the recession (which has not ended for everyone)  new businesses are moving in and what’s more, they are changing the character of the street.   And between you and me, while I appreciate antiques I would rather troll house sales and out-of-the-way flea markets than go into antique shops.

I never bought a thing on Antiques Row.  But surprisingly (to me)  I find myself patronizing the new stores on Pine Street, particularly  the block between 11th and 10th Street.  If I want a nice gift,  that’s where I go.  My husband and I  were looking for a piece of furniture to replace an old entertainment center and ended up buying a mid-century console at Hello Home-and paid less than we would have for a mid-century knock off   at a mass market place like Crate and Barrel or West Elm.

Plus I have  enjoyed walking down Pine Street from the time I was in high school in South Jersey  and ditched classes to come to Philadelphia and play.

Here are some pictures and links to the web sites from some  of the stores.   You can get a complete list here.  Come and see for yourself the next time you are in the mood for something a little different and cannot endure another shopping mall.






Happily Ever After


Show of Hands Craft Gallery


Hello Home








Spirit of the Artist


Addiction  Studios

12 11










Puss in Window

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Bob’s Garden in the Summer of 2013

Bob has so much going on in the garden this year I don’t know what to tell you about first. There are four happy Slider turtles swimming around and some  chubby Koi fish and lots of energetic minnows.


   Bob has added a couple of  succulent and cactus gardens to the  mix this year.

What is it?

As soon as one variety of flower dies off another one springs up to replace it.  The garden is forever changing.


The turtle that we thought was blind is gone. No, he didn’t die; some cretin from the shallow end of the gene pool decided to take him one day (probably as a pet for his little kid who was with him at the time. How’s that for a shining example of character?) A neighbor witnessed the turtle heist from her window but was not able to prevent it.


Please say a prayer for our missing friend and enjoy the pictures.

Happy July 4th!

I went with the best of intentions ready to partake in the festivities and take pictures of the great fireworks show the little town of Conshohocken puts on every Fourth of July. But I’ve been recovering from a nasty cold that had me in bed for three days. Plus the skeeters were having a little Fourth of July celebration of their own. So we took off before the fireworks started but I’ll bet they were grand! Thank you Terri for another great party. For some links to firework posts and pictures from previous years, click here and here.