Bob’s Garden in the Summer of 2013

Bob has so much going on in the garden this year I don’t know what to tell you about first. There are four happy Slider turtles swimming around and some  chubby Koi fish and lots of energetic minnows.


   Bob has added a couple of  succulent and cactus gardens to the  mix this year.

What is it?

As soon as one variety of flower dies off another one springs up to replace it.  The garden is forever changing.


The turtle that we thought was blind is gone. No, he didn’t die; some cretin from the shallow end of the gene pool decided to take him one day (probably as a pet for his little kid who was with him at the time. How’s that for a shining example of character?) A neighbor witnessed the turtle heist from her window but was not able to prevent it.


Please say a prayer for our missing friend and enjoy the pictures.