It’s Not Done Until I Ruin It

The Corning Museum of Glass has a YouTube channel  with a huge collection of videos.  I was watching a video of Stephanie Sersich  demonstrating how to make a flower pendant when she commented,  “It’s not done until I ruin it” – the perfect answer (in my mind) to the age-old artistic conundrum of how to tell when the creative act is finished.

Sersich drops many gems of wisdom during her demonstrations.  For example, she notes that a good lamp worker is one who knows how to correct mistakes.   This is second nature to an accomplished lamp worker-so much so that  during  a demo,  he might not think to point when he makes a mistake  and how he fixes it.  Sersich, on the other hand, talks about everything that she is doing during the demonstration including when she has made a mistake and how she will correct it.  She also talks about characteristics of different types and colors of glass, tools, and why she makes  certain artistic and technical choices-all while she is at the torch making a bead.   Here’s a link to the video.




Corning’s YouTube channel  also includes lamp working demonstration videos by artists like Kristina Logan, Heather Trimlett, Paul Stankard and Loren Stump.    If lamp working’s not your thing, there are   videos on glass blowing and cold-working techniques.

The Corning Museum of  Glass has generously make these videos  free to the public.  This is a great resource so check it out.