Christmas Ornaments in Progress

I’m trying some new things this year.  I decided to try making armatures out of compacted newspaper wrapped with aluminum foil.  I could have used all foil but I wanted to recycle.  So far, it’s worked pretty well.  Nothing I’ve covered and baked has cracked and it all seems pretty solid.  I’m not sure how I am going to hang these ornaments when they’re done.  I’ll figure that out later.


 Three birdies dancing.  These are the armatures covered with scrap clay, painted and baked.  I am going to add some more clay features and bake again.  The crooked beaks are intentional.  I  want the birds to have personality.

Birdie in Oven

One Birdy Baking

Tinted TLS

I added a drop of the ink to about two tablespoons of  liquid clay to paint the bird..  You don’t need much ink; a little goes a long way


I like the translucent look of the tinted liquid clay. Since my scrap clay was mud colored, I painted the bird with white acrylic clay before I baked him the first time  to get the full effect of the translucent clay.    He gets a second baking for the blue layer.


One sea turtle swimming.  This guy has the same newspaper and foil core.  I painted the fins with liquid clay tinted green to test the effect.  He still needs a lot of details added and a proper shell.


This ornament will be a pussy cat.  It’s baseball sized and built around a newspaper and foil core,  


It’s starting to take shape.  I haven’t decided whether to give him crazy feet or put feathers in his mouth.

The Model

I’ll ask the model what he thinks.