Home Decorating or How to Hide Your Television Set.

Our ongoing home renovations that would probably take other people maybe 6 -8 months are nearly over.  The floors are down.  The tiny kitchen is done.  Since we moved the white behemoth of an entertainment center down to the basement for my workshop and got a cool mid-century modern credenza to replace it, I have been trying to decide what to do with a now-exposed living room wall and the TV.   First, I  found  someone who was not reduced to tears by horizontal studs (this is an old house)  to hang the TV on the wall.  Then I cobbled together a sound system from used and discontinued electronics, hooked it up and mounted the speakers on the wall.

I wanted the “media” wall to be relaxing and not too busy with all the electronics.  I remember there was a time in my live when the more wires and gizmos I had, the better, but now I like simple. And I didn’t want the living room to be a shrine to the TV.


Here’s how I solved the design dilemma.  I love gold frames and over the years had found a few on the street.  They got a cleaning and some repair if needed.


Some got a paint touch up.  The I went to my local paint store and picked out a nice dark color with a greenish undertone to it .  I am happy to say that it covered the Martha Stewart stencils ( from another life) in one coat (helped by a first coat of Kilz. Who ever invented that stuff deserves a medal)1

The object on the TV screen is a Dali-esque clock.


And here’s how it looks.  The Le Mutts are thrilled.

I have some more unconventional decorating in my house.  You can see some pictures here.

The Things They Carry with Them and the Things They Bring Back

They bring back more than mementos that end up fading in scrapbooks.  And they always leave behind something they can never get back.  It’s easy to miss this among the flag waving, parades, speeches and ceremonies.    Those of us who have not shared these  experiences simply cannot comprehend what they have given.  But we don’t need to understand to show out gratitude.




Dad'sWW2Wallet 024


I found the religious card and passes in a wallet that my Father carried while serving in the Army Air Corps in England during World War Two.  The other pictures are of relatives and are from various wars and service branches.

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The Secret Life Of Flowers

I love to walk around my neighborhood with my camera and I spent some time this weekend taking pictures. Flowers were blooming in beds, patches, window boxes and containers. The tulips were dying off and the irises were coming out. As I happily snapped my way around my bit of South Philadelphia, I started concentrating on flowers that were still in the bud stage, those emerging from the bud stage, the insides of flowers in bloom and the ones that were on the decline. It felt a little like I was peeking into their undies or seeing them without their makeup or their hair combed. I felt a bit like an intruder. Here are some pictures you will never see in the National Enquirer.


The Big (Blog Hop) Reveal

It’s time for the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal! Here is what I made from the beads my parter Marta Grabalowska sent me. Her blogs are http://galeriakota.blogspot.com/ and http://wilkmademe.tumblr.com/.

My bead soup was not my typical color palate and I consider that a good thing! I realized that I had some pink seed beads in my stash that I thought I would never use. They were almost identical to the ones  in the soup. I mixed them with  beige and tan beads of a similar value  and threw in some turquoise  beads to make a bead crochet pattern. I used the remaining beads as embellishment.


The copper clasp holds the rope closed. I beaded around the focal cameo and went for an asymmetrical look. I am very happy with the result. Thank you Marta!!!

Here are some more pictures.

Thank you Lori Anderson for making another great beading experience possible!! You can find a list of all the participants on Lori’s blog.

Arlene’s Birdy

Remember The Deerclayer post and how we conspired to make hounds tooth-covered animals to give to Arlene Groch at this years’ Clayathon?



Well I have been into birdies lately and my Clayathon  hounds tooth contribution was a hounds tooth covered birdy.  I made the core from aluminum foil and newspaper which I covered with scrap clay, painted him with white acrylic paint and baked him.

   Birdgetting covered

Then I covered the birdy with cane slices


And baked again (his beak is painted with liquid clay tinted with acrylic paint)

Birdie Rear

I fashioned a birdy perch so Arlene could hang him in her studio without taking up any precious work space.






I antiqued him with a mixture of liquid clay and white acrylic paint for a muted look.

I think he looks content; don’t you?

How Do You Say Passyunk?

The weather this weekend was beautiful for walking.  There was lots happening on East Passyunk Ave. so I headed on down.IMG_20140427_115109Passyunk Square.  How do you pronounce Passyunk?   It’s Pashunk.  Two syllables, not three.

IMG_20140427_115001The fountain

IMG_20140427_115333Mama Maria’s Restaurant

IMG_20140427_115233The Crafty Balboa   artists were selling their wares up and down the street


Flavors of the Avenue set up a big tent and lots of people were sampling offerings from the Avenue’s restaurants.  

But but it was a good day for just hanging out and people watching.

IMG_20140427_114819 IMG_20140427_120432 IMG_20140427_120319 IMG_20140427_115816 IMG_20140427_115505


This cat does not seem pleased that I  took his picture.  Purrhaps I should have asked him purrmission.

For more information on East Passyunk Avenue, press here.