How Do You Say Passyunk?

The weather this weekend was beautiful for walking.  There was lots happening on East Passyunk Ave. so I headed on down.IMG_20140427_115109Passyunk Square.  How do you pronounce Passyunk?   It’s Pashunk.  Two syllables, not three.

IMG_20140427_115001The fountain

IMG_20140427_115333Mama Maria’s Restaurant

IMG_20140427_115233The Crafty Balboa   artists were selling their wares up and down the street


Flavors of the Avenue set up a big tent and lots of people were sampling offerings from the Avenue’s restaurants.  

But but it was a good day for just hanging out and people watching.

IMG_20140427_114819 IMG_20140427_120432 IMG_20140427_120319 IMG_20140427_115816 IMG_20140427_115505


This cat does not seem pleased that I  took his picture.  Purrhaps I should have asked him purrmission.

For more information on East Passyunk Avenue, press here.