Video Reviews

The jewelry making videos available on the Interweave Store web site offer some excellent instruction at a price that’s heard to beat. Here are mini reviews of four videos I recommend.

Basic Jewelry Enameling with Pauline Warg is a hands down winner. Warg gives a thorough treatment of torch enameling demonstrating several projects and techniques.  But she also takes safety seriously which is not something all torch enameling teachers and videos do.   You need to protect yourself from potentially dangerous exposure to the enamels and other chemicals used in the process regardless of whether you are using leaded enamels or the unleaded variety. Warg’s enameling video is one of the few that I’ve watched that takes covers this issue gives useful information on the topic. She’s an expert and her comments, tips and demonstrations are backed by years of experience. If you only get one video on torch  enameling, get this one. See the preview here.

At first I was hesitant to get One Hour Rings with Helen Driggs and One Hour Bracelets with Jeff Fulkerson because I thought they might be short videos on quickie crafty projects and a waste of time. I was wrong. Both videos do feature short projects but they employ a number of  jewelry making techniques in the process which Driggs and Fulkerson expertly demonstrate.  These videos will give you a lot of ideas for adding your own personal twists to the projects.  Preview One Hour Rings here and One Hour Bracelets here.

Speaking of twists,  I also recommend  Create Spirals, Tubes, and Other Curves for Jewelry Making with Helen Driggs.    After you’ve mastered basic sawing, riveting and soldering techniques,  you can start making shapes and forms with the techniques Driggs demonstrates  to that your jewelry to the next level.  Lots of  practical tips and advice and not a lot of expensive tools. What could be better?   See the preview here.