Hey Baby Nice Glass!

Continuing on last week’s post, here are some more glass cabochons. 


Click on the pictures below to see how I made them. Most of these cabs were fired a minimum of two times. I kept cutting, fusing and reassembling until I got a result I liked. Who knew you could stack ugly beads in a kiln and make something new? It goes without saying that all the glass must have the same COE if you want the fusing to be successful. And you have to get every last speck of bead release out of the holes. I mean all of it, because fused bead release is not pretty. On the other hand, if you fuse a cab and find that you didn’t clean out all the bead release, you can grind or cut or it away and try fusing the glass again.

Here’s the Fusing Schedule I used.  Yes, you can fuse with Moretti glass!  And here are some ideas for using lampworked bead scraps in fusing projects

IMG_9628My fancy camera set up