Polymer Clay in Puerto Vallerta

Have you ever dreamed about retiring to a small piece of paradise and spending your time making beautiful things?  It looks like Karen Mical turned that dream into a reality.

PV689_FotorI found Karen’s stand at the Old Town Farmer’s Market in Puerto Vallarta  Mexico which, while it might not be paradise, is pretty close by my standards.

 PV697_FotorKaren works in polymer and her jewelry was selling like mad.  Small wonder.  It was impeccably crafted and visually appealing.

PV688_FotorI didn’t get to talk to Karen but her husband told me that  they lived in Puerto Vallerta full time and that she was a regular at the market which requires that the vendors make their wares.

PV695_Fotor_Fotor PV693_Fotor PV687_Fotor

Karen’s color palettes evoke the tropics making one of her pieces  a souvenir that does not advertise itself as such but that helps the wearer to remember a short time spent in paradise.  What could be better?

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