The Mosaic Muse in Philadelphia

I saw a great exhibition of mosaic art recently called the Mosaic Muse.   It was a juried exhibit sponsored by Creative Philadelphia, and it ran from February 9 to March 27 in Philadelphia City Hall.  For those of you who missed it, here are some pictures.


The pieces in the exhibit were colorful and innovative.


imageimage  I especially liked the sculptural pieces


Two visitors


imageThere were so many delightful works of art that I hope someone had the presence of mind to take good photographs and catalog them.  While there is a list of the participating artists and there was a photocopied catalog at the exhibit, there wasn’t anything for the public to take away.  I know money is always a factor and I am grateful that these artists had the opportunity for their work to be shown, but I wish there was a permanent record of the exhibit,


  And speaking of mosaics, Philadelphia’s City Hall is full of old tile work although most of it is hidden behind wall board and under floor tile. Here’s one example that’s not-a mosaic of the City of Philadelphia Seal.

The seal of the City of Philadelphia has its own fascinating story.  You can read it here.

For more information on Mosaics and public art in Philadelphia, check out these web sites:

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