Jewelry by Jill LaPierre


Earlier this year I posted about my trip to  Hacienda Mosaico  in Puerto Vallerta  with my friend Terri.  We took a great class with Richard and Jane Salley and met some wonderful people with whom we have kept in touch.  So when our friend Jill was wondering how she would handle exhibiting her jewelry at the four-day Mayfair Festival of the Arts in Allentown, Terri, me and Pat, another  Hacienda Mosaico alumn were quick to offer help.

Terri and I piled into her Bubble Car for a trip up the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Allentown


imageThe antenna of The Bubble Car.  Terri likes skulls.  This weathered example is from a “Pirates of the Caribbean”  Happy Meal.  I think it is aging well.          


Jill’s booth. 



wpid-img_20150524_200632_wm.jpgPat and Terri wait on some customers


 Jill must be laughing at the photographer


Love that etching


Want to see some beautiful examples of Jill’s work?  Check out her Pinterest Board to see copper pieces and her  web site  to see her beautiful pieces of high-end sterling silver chain maille.