Cool Custom Clasp Tutorial


Start with 2 to 3 inches of 14 gauge wire.  I used copper here.   Trim ends flush


Bend wire in the middle You might wait until this point to flush cut your ends so the wires are even.3

Make a loop on the end of each wire4

I like to use bail making pliers to do this.   You can spread the wires out to curl each end.

6 7

Press the  wires closed.  I like to use flat nosed pliers for this and I must warn you that it takes practice to keep the wires even.  The less you have to touch them with the pliers, the less nicks you will have.  A trick: insert the bail forming pliers in the loops while you adjust the rest of the wire.  Then make any adjustments needed  in the loops.5See the left of the picture: I have put a little bend in the end of the clasp.  
8Side view.  Notice how everything is even.  That’s what you want to strive for.


Gently bend the wire over a mandrel.   Don’t try to get your finished shape in one try.  You can refine later.

Here is a shape that’s more refined.  Notice how the loops sit back from the clasp.  Notice also how the wire in the top loop is shorter than the bottom one.  It happens.  Try to get in there with the tip of your flush cutters and  clip the longer wire to the size of the shorter one.  Then close the rings tight.  You don’t have to open the rings to do this.  In fact, you shouldn’t because then it will be harder to get them back into shape.


Here is a finished clasp with jump rings


And here are more clasps in different sizes and shapes.