Artsy Sciency in Arlington


HANDMADE ARLINGTON is a juried arts and crafts show in Arlington Virginia that raises funds for the Swanson Middle School PTA.  This year, more than 45 artists and crafters have been invited to sell their hand made creations to a buying public that keeps growing year after year.


This year, I am proud to say that my  clay colleague and and travel partner to such exotic locales as Damascus (Maryland) the Las Vegas Strip and Puerto Vallarta will be among the artisans and vendors at Handmade Arlington. Encouraged by her friend and mentor, silversmith  Jules Jernigan  Terri will be showing her polymer clay creations which include functional and decorative objects.


Terri’s bracelets are some of her most popular items.  To make them, she layers different colors of polymer into brass forms, bakes, and then carves through the layers.  They are all  unique and one of a kind.  They look great worn stacked together!



Terri spends a lot of time in her day job looking through microscopes at breathtaking miniature vistas and crystal formations that most of us will never get to see.  These influences carry over into a lot of her work which is why it is so different and distinctive.



Besides Terri’s work, you will find potters, fiber and wood artists, jewelers and other crafters at Handmade Arlington.  It’s just one day, April 2.  If you want to go, check out their facebook page for more information.