Retreat to Morrisburg

Tray with tiles attendees made. Auctioned and proceeds donated to

My friend Patty and I, ever the intrepid travelers,  decided to take the recommendation of our friend Sherman and drive  to the little town of Morrisburg, Ontario and join a group of polymer artists who meet once a year at the McIntosh Inn for a retreat.

We crossed the border into Canada,  pulled up to the Canadian border inspection station, and handed our passports to the border screening agent in the booth.

“Polymer clay retreat? What’s that?” the  agent wanted to know after Patty told him the purpose of our trip.  

“It’s not like a religious retreat,” Patty explained, “it’s  a bunch of artists who get together and work on their polymer clay projects.”

“Polymer clay?” the agent wasn’t buying it.

I leaned over so the agent could hear me.  “It’s like what men do when they get together with their model trains.”

“Oh!” the agent, replied, “you’re gonna throw clay at one another?”  

I had never heard of that, so I laughed as if I got the joke.  The agent handed our passports back and waved us on our way.

We had a great time, renewed old acquaintances and made new friends.  We drank Tim Horton coffee, ate Butter Tarts, wrestled with the metric system and warned our Canadian colleagues that after the U.S. election in November, we might be back to stay.  

Here are some pictures

To see more pictures, go to my Flickr site, here.



Claying with the Canadians

I am currently in Morrisburg, Ontario at a retreat sponsored a friendly bunch of Canadian polymer enthusiasts. The retreat started on Wednesday and ends on Sunday.  If the contents of the goody bags are any indication, the retreat will be a blast.


There are lots of demos planned and


lots of room to spread out.


Then we’re off to the glass museum in Corning, NY.

East Passyunk Spring Craft Fair


The East Passyunk Community Recreation Center is sponsoring a craft fair this Saturday, April 16 from 9 am to 2 pm at 1025 Mifflin Street in Philadelphia.  I will be selling some of my past work including Happy Bracelets which were featured in Polymer Cafe and Festive Pens which were featured on HGTV.

I will also have some fused glass items, mixed media necklaces and other cool stuff for sale including felted bracelets and polymer barrettes.

This is the first craft fair that the new Community Center Advisory Council is holding, so I don’t know how it will go.  Still, I am happy to be able to lend my support to this wonderful organization.  You can too even if you just stop by to hang out and enjoy the day.




The Apron


This fabric called out to me one day and told me I needed an apron.  A lined, pleated, top stitched apron.  In patch work.  No matter that I had never made one before.  It didn’t  matter that I didn’t have a pattern because I was not sure how to follow one anyway.  I had the pattern in my head.


Do you think I cut these pockets wrong?


Do you this think I made the pockets too small?


Grab a plate to mark a curve in bigger pockets.  Now I inherited my Mother-in Law’s sewing tools including her French curve ruler.  But I never knew what you used it for until I saw it in a sewing video in YouTube, after I finished the apron!


Small pockets look good on the big pockets.  Wait a minute, is this turning into a cargo apron?


Box pleats seemed easy enough


Magnetic jewelry clasps make a handy needle picker upper


Bottom is done


Sewing on the waist band and sash to the apron bib which my husband suggested I add.   I top stitched around the  bib and the skirt at the suggestion of Marie Elcin who is a fiber artist that I was taking a design class with at the Fleisher Art Memorial.


Rip out and resew three times


And Voila!