Repurposing Challenge

I decided to enter the repurposing challenge on the Art Elements Blog. The reveal date is April 30. As of today (April 29) I do not have a list of participating blogs thru an Internet snafu but will post them when I get them. Hey! I wanna see everyone’s work too!

Repurposing is the first and last refuge of the poor artist. I’ve been using repurposed materials in my art for a long time.   In honor of the repurposing challenge,  I have added a new item to the menu area of my blog that contains a selection of posts where I have repurposed or recycled materials.  Just in case this does not post as scheduled, you can access it here.

And now for the challenge.  The cuff bracelet base is made from a piece of brass hardware that in another life was part of my mother-in-laws dining room chandelier.


The silver corrugated section had another life as a butter knife in my Grandmother’s house.


A friend gave me her deceased father’s enameling supplies.  There were a number of copper switch plates.  I cut one up and that comprises the copper section.


When I got married, I bought a set of brass charger plates at a house sale imagining that I would use them for entertaining.  Screw that.  I am annealing them and cutting them up one by one and making jewelry out of them.  That’s where the fold-formed element comes from.


All the sections of the bracelet are riveted together (except the brass fold formed part is soldered to the copper beneath it.) with rivets made from stripped electrical wire.

Some older pieces


I challenged myself to make a necklace completely out of materials I found on the sidewalk.   The above necklace is made of drilled stones,  a twig, electrical wire, and a cable from an old window.


This shield pendant is made from the body of an old lock I probably picked up at a flea market.  I soldered some jump rings to the back after some attempts at texturing and patination.  The chain is from another piece of jewelry.

Here are links to  the participating bloggers and to the Art Elements Team.

Evie & Beth
AE Team


Lesley Watt - Artisan Elements

Vintage Items at Clayathon Auction

We had a few vintage items this year. Not everyone at Clayathon was familiar with the work of Mike Buessler who specialized in landscape canes. The pin you see below is a cane and it is the exact reverse image on the other side. People have made landscape canes since the time Mike retired his tissue blade, but he was the first and the best.

Mike Buessler landscape cane pin

Carolyn Potter mosaic inlay pendant

I am not sure if Carolyn Potter is still working in clay. Her work was certainly beautiful as this mosaic pendant attests.

Lindly Haunani Inclusion Swap Pendant

Lindly is still working in polymer, teaching, writing, and she taught a very popular class at Clayathon. I warned her that one of her pieces from the 1990’s swaps was going to be in the auction.

Barbara McGuire Face Canes from Angel and Barrette swaps

Barbara McGuire is still very active in polymer as an artist, teacher and writer. It’s hard to retire when you have so many great ideas.

Voulkos Earring and Pendant
Pier Voulkos Earrings and Pendant

Pier Voulkos retired from polymer more than 20 years ago. She set standards of artistic excellence for everyone.

Pier Voulkos pin

Grove and Grove Earrings

Michael and Ruth Ann Grove were artists who became involved with polymer in the early days who no linger work in the medium. The earrings above are a good example of their work.

If you want to learn more about the early days of polymer, go to the
Polymer Art Archive.

Spring Finally!

It happened while I was at Clayathon.  Dark chilly days and then POW!  I was sneezing and blowing my nose.  The allergy fairy took hold of me and fairly rattled my teeth, even though I usually don’t suffer from Hay Fever, the pollen levels were off the charts!


Spring has come to Philadelphia and to my neighbor Bob’s sidewalk garden


Flowers are popping out all over my part of Philadelphia.  The tree  blossoms are only blooming for a few days before they fall from the tree limbs and collect on the sidewalk.  until then, every walk is glorious Spring.

The Mirror We Made at Clayathon

I am back from Clayathon and I am exhausted,  But it’s a good kind of exhaustion.   I will be posting pictures in the coming weeks when I catch up on my sleep.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of this years’ group mirror project which went into the Clayathon raffle/auction.

Linda explains the project at the opening reception.

Detail Pictures

IMG_5064_GroupMirror                             And here is the finished mirror.

Sue Springer was the lucky winner!  Half of the proceeds from the auction will be split between Ron Lehockey’s project, Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies, and  Cynthia Tinapple’s project, Inside Out Creatives.   


We have already started planning next years’ Clayathon which will move back to February.


No Work and All Clay

Clayathon logo by Robin  Milne

Clayathon starts in a few days and it won’t be too soon for me.  The hotel where we hold it was sold last year  and ensuing renovations meant we had to move Clayathon from February to April.  Nicer weather but too long a wait!  Fortunately, Clayathon will return to its February time slot next year and make that dreary month seem a little less miserable.

Here are some pictures from last years’ Clayathon.