June in Bob’s Garden

It’s been a crazy the past two weeks and some of the activity shows signs of slowing down. Philadelphia is now in a “Yellow Phase.” The Frank Rizzo mural in the Italian Market has been painted overOther activity is stepping up, and that’s a good thing.  It needs to stay stepped up.  We can talk all we want, but the only thing that counts is what we do.

I was sitting on my front stoop the other morning (this is Philly and we have stoops) sifting through a batch of bronze clay fresh out of the kiln and admiring the latest iteration of my neighbor Bob’s urban garden.  It was a welcome respite from all the tsuris.  Here are some pictures.

Water Hyacinth  Food for turtle who was sleeping in when I took this picture,
6 Candid Koi Photo
Some of the Koi fish

This Japanese Maple has moved down the street where Bob planted it in front of another neighbor’s house.  It’s going to get big.


Some pictures from last month that are too pretty not to post.  And here’s the rest of them, orchids, lotus flowers, and more.

Some sad news,  Loki, Bob and Brad’s fearless feline, died at the ripe old age of 16.  Loki kept the house free of mice and the street free of pigeons and yappy dogs.   Gentle journey  little fella.


Fearless Loki