Meet the Von Trayf Family

My workspace at the pottery studio was taken over recently by a family of pigs. Ceramic pigs. It all started innocently enough when I saw a YouTube Video on how to make a piggy bank out of a thrown vase form. I decided to try it for myself but I threw my vases a little small and had to paddle them into shape. I also decided to add more expressive eyes than the ones I saw in the YouTube tutorial (which were just holes albeit more realistic. Pigs are not known for their cute eyes), real piggy trotters and wings because if pigs had wings [fill in the blank].

Where does the name Von Trayf come from? For the uninitiated, trayf means “not Kosher” in Yiddish. Pigs are trayf. So bacon and ham are considered trayf and not eaten by those who keep Kosher. I don’t eat pork because I am not a meat eater generally, and Babe is one of my favorite movies. Baa ram ewe.

I made the Von Trayf family for an assortment of pig and bacon lovers I know. Some of them are vegans, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love pigs. Just not on their plates.

Paddling the vase shape into a pig shape.
Ears added and eyes begun. This pig is in need of an expression!
Much better, and now he has a mouth too. The round hole is his piggy snout that will be stoppered with a cork.
And he gets a slot because he is a bank.
Deciding how to shape his wings
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Positioning the wings
Every good pig deserves trotters.

One Pig Done!
No pig stands alone
And here are the Von Trayfs in their first formal family photo. Each one is named for its intended recipient.
And here is the matriarch: Bubbe Von Trayf