Build Yourself Some Furniture

I don’t need any furniture. I have a house the size of a postage stamp and every space is taken. But if I needed a table or chairs or stools, it would be so cool to build them myself. I have to confess that I have a soft spot in my heart for women who use power tools and an even softer spot for power tool-using women who are small business owners. Michelle Lipson of ML Woodworking, who I met last weekend at Art for the Cash Poor, checks all the boxes.


Michelle is a furniture maker who decided that she is happiest when she is teaching others how to make furniture. She relocated from Brooklyn to a spacious studio on North American Street in Kensington, and opened her school.

Michelle teaches classes and private sessions for all levels of woodworkers. No experience necessary is for most classes, and instruction on safety and technique are provided on all machines. If you are more advanced, you can also lease a workbench in her shop and work on your own schedule.

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