Sticks and Stones

I met Marcie Ziskind when I was 21 and we were participants in the same off-campus internship program. I saw Marcie from time to time after I settled in Philadelphia and we finally ended up as neighbors in South Philadelphia. Along the way, Marcie married, raised three boys and opened up a paint your own pottery shop called The Expressive Hand, which I wrote about here.

Although Marcie has been been felting for a long time, her hobby turned into a passion after her eldest son died and she started to use felting as a way to process her grief. Her solo show, Sticks and Stones, opened at the DaVinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia in November.

Sticks and Stones “is the physical embodiment of the way words can hit you, pummel you, stick with you, and forever change your perspective. It is meant to reminds us that although they can hurt, words must be said to evoke thoughtful transformation.”

Here are some pictures.

To learn more about the felted art of Marcie Ziskind, go to her website here. Follow her on Instagram here.