About this Blog

My name is Martha Aleo.  I am interested in creativity  and inspiration, and how it’s shaped by  community, tradition, history, philosophy,  religion, culture, life experience, landscape, technology and access to materials.  Don’t forget science and math. Everything is related.  I am primarily a crafter and writer but  do not intend to limit this Blog to crafting .  I intend to explore creativity and inspiration in all its aspects. Sometimes my explorations will take me to the other side of the world and sometimes I will find food for thought right in my South Philadelphia neighborhood where creative traditions abound.  I hope to share the stories of creative people I meet along the way in addition to writing about my personal journey with its creative fits and starts.

Why do I care?    I am in the process of unlearning much of what I learned in school.  I am trying to open myself, and to experience the world in a different way.   I am searching for my voice.    I don’t know if I’ll find it, but in the end it doesn’t really matter because it’s the journey that’s the most interesting.

Why should you care?  Maybe you are curious like me. Maybe you can learn something or teach me something by leaving a comment.  I hope you do.

To learn more about me, you can visit me on Instagram, and Ornamentodeux, my Tumblr blog

15 replies to About this Blog
  1. Gosh! thanks for featuring me and the Pumpkin picture.
    What a surprise. I have many more “Midwest” rural paintings plus many more of other subjects.

  2. Looking through google I came across this site. I really liked and I tried to persuade friends to also here looked into.

  3. Not sure if I wrote but to be sure…. You just saved me from the “traditional /accepted” Viking Knit sanitarium. Looked around last night read about this tool and that tool … BUT no matter the tool, the “accepted” way to construct is tedious.. So thanks from my hands, my brain that would be frying etc….

  4. Dear Martha, thank so much for your wonderful blog on Boston Street
    gallery and Wayne Cambern’s show. It has been a well received show with more then half the show selling. I hope that you will return for other shows coming up . I don’t remember if you had the full tour of the rest of the building ,so if not,next time will be glad to show it to you. thanks, Jeff

  5. Hello, I just discovered you featured one of my images from the Fleisher Memorial Faculty Show. Thanks for sharing my image with your followers. I appreciate your support!Cheers, Bob Reinhardt

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