Now Playing on My Computer Screen

Now and then  I like to share the  blogs and web sites that are current addictions or on my must check out list.  Here’s what’s currently playing my computer screen:
fauna  is my latest addiction.  Blogger Paxon is a naturalist and  writes mostly about zoology and biology.  His  creative prose  and  acerbic wit make these subjects  even more fascinating (I know-your high school science teacher murdered them forcing you to major in the humanities.)  Paxon can be flip (don’t read this post if you are easily offended) but he is hooked on  fauna  (sorry- but I couldn’t be the first. . .) He even  invites questions (with a few conditions).  You will learn and be endlessly amused.   Your high school biology teacher should thank him.
If you are the artsy type and  think you are not interested in science,   the pictures alone justify a look at fauna.  Besides, nature is the most elegant and economical designer.   And it’s all connected.
the things that live in the ocean never cease to amaze me :3
Here’s more!
Graftgawker  Crafty projects from blogs all over the Internet
Inspirational Beading  is chock full of beading tutorials.
Brandigirl Blog A Life Inspired by Color – another great beading blog
Linda Peterson Designs –  Polymer clay, mixed media, news and tutorials
 Barbe Saint John  -Saint John is a mixed media artist who writes for Belle Armoire Jewelry , and is a member of Susan Lenart Kazmer’s creative team for Objects and Elements .
Object Fetish – Look at jewelry until your eyes go blurry
Top Ten DIY Fashion Blogs – Stripes and Sequin’s  picks for 2012.  Something is sure to interest you here.
For those of you who loved Domino Magazine,   check out  Lonny Magazine.  But wait!  A special edition of Domino, Quick Fixes, hits the news stands on April 17!
Finally,  here’s a picture of my contribution to the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild’s  Spring Fundraiser.     I made the bezel (for the bezel challenged) and the cabochon.  I hope someone likes it enough to buy it.

Take a Peek into My Workshop

It’s been a while since Libby Mills  profiled my workshop in her blog’s Studio Snapshot series.  Since then, I’ve branched out into other mediums including felt,  do more metalsmithing,  and have acquired some new tools.

I am lucky enough to have a dedicated space for my work, but I live in a small house and purge regularly out of necessity.  This includes my workshop.  My current set up is the result of  regular purging and many wasted hours playing Tetris.

Here are some pictures of the ordered chaos.

Green Bathroom Redo

The thought of doing a major renovation gives me the shakes.  Maybe that’s why I still have wall to wall carpet 20 years after moving into my house.  Until I can gird my loins and steel myself  in preparation for moving furniture, ripping up things and upsetting the cat,  I will have to content myself with room by room redecorating.

I don’t have any before pictures of my bathroom, but let me give you an idea:  the tub, toilet and sink were an  indescribable yellow somewhere between mustard and school bus.  We had an ugly plastic medicine cabinet with make up lights and three mirrored doors that were corroded.  There was no storage space for cleaning supplies or anything else.  The bathroom was cluttered.  In a moment of weakness, I had painted the walls yellow with blue and green accent.  It looked OK 20 years ago, but was starting to grate on me.

I wanted something relaxing, where I could get rid of clutter yet find things when I needed them.  We had to replace the toilet two years ago, and I wanted the sink and tub to match.  The tile was in good shape and  I didn’t  want to spend a lot of money.  We had the tub reglazed, and replaced the sink.  The mirror cost five dollars at a sidewalk sale.  The cherry medicine chest came from ebay. The two decker wire basket was another cheap house sale find.  The rug was free-I found it in a free bin at a local thrift store.  It was filthy, so I soaked it in dish washing powder and warm water for a couple of days. Now it looks like new.

I altered the toilet paper holder and spray painted the waste can and towel rack to match the brushed nickel fixtures we got at Home Depot.  Throw in two  storage cabinets and baskets from Ikea, and the cost for everything including the plumber and electrician (but not the toilet) was just under one thousand dollars.

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And while we’re on the subject of re purposing and reusing,  here’s a picture of bookshelves I made  by inserting an old ladder I found into a small niche in our upstairs hall way.   I nailed boards onto the ladder steps and  the scalloped ornamentation on the front is made from Dollar Store place mats I painted to match.