Polymer Clay Color Inspiration Exercises

I worked my way through Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio’s wonderful book, Polymer Clay Color Inspirations, over a period of several months and posted the results on this blog.  Here are the links to the posts.  If you have half as much fun reading them as I had doing the exercises and projects in the book and writing them, well. you should have a pretty good time!

I’m Inspired!

My Pivot Beads

Collages and Color Choices

More Fun with Color Collages

My Palette,  Color Scales and an Exercise

Trying Color Scale Triangles

Bargello Exercise and Bracelet

Tuning Up My Colors

Orchestrating Color 2

Color is Relative

Contrast Tables

Mosaic Leaf  Brooch

Pattern Samples and Bracelet

Texture Sampler Pendant

She “Puts It All Together


The Final Word

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