Doors from Barri Gotic in Barcelona

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite” – William Blake

 Barcelona is famous for its beautiful  and varied architecture as well as  a number of breathtaking  buildings designed by modernist architect  Antoni Gaudi.  I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona a short while ago.   You can see pictures I took of Casa de Mila,  Sagrada  Famila  and Parc  Guell on my Tumblr blog.
The Barri Gotic is the center of old Barcelona and some of the buildings there reportedly date to the 13th century.   I saw many elaborate wood and metal doors in the Barri Gotic quarter with heavy metal hinges, massive door knockers and  knobs worn down from years of use.   We have all seen pictures of doors like that,  but the doors that really interested me were the ones covered with graffiti. They seemed to be out of place  yet at the same time I felt like they belonged right there in the narrow winding streets.  I took the pictures below as I wandered around with my camera.  I wonder what Blake would think of them?

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