Happy New Year!

Boris and his best pal Sweety the Stuffed Cat (who apparently thinks it’s someone’s birthday-he’s always ready for a celebration) wish you all a Happy New Year filled with snacks and scritches, and most of all, love. Can’t have too much of that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

BorissaysYum!                                       Boris wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving.


The fireworks got rained out last night but we still had a good time at The Sparkle Lounge where I watched lightning bugs dance on the lawn and eased the pain of a gimpy knee with a potent Sangria

Here is a film of the fireworks from a few years back.  Enjoy  and have a happy Fourth of July.


Thanksgiving in Philadelphia

What else could provide a better example of the bounty and abundance that we should all be so thankful for this Thanksgiving and every other day of the year?  Reading Terminal Market.    Here are some pictures of the hustle and bustle on the day before the turkey lands.

Happy Easter from Plumpton

Plumpton is expecting to find goodies this holiday. Instead, he finds the quilts I have been working on forever, all quilted and ready for their borders.

Here’s wishing you a happy restful holiday.

Happy Holidays


I am busy working on the quilt.  I have to make 11 more blocks and then I sew the quilt top sections together.  In the meantime,  enjoy your chocolate bunnies and your matzoh brei!


Plumpton Easter Cat

Plumpton is really hunting for field mousies.

Season’s Greetings!

Plumpton agreed to help with this week’s post but as you can see, he is not very happy about it.  Not to worry.  He has some turkey in his future that will wipe out all memories of this Yuletide ignominy. If you want to check out holiday posts from years past, press here and here.