More Cats in the Pottery Studio

These three cats are on one mug. I don’t know if they would get along in the real world.

I think this puss would get along with anyone. Well, maybe not a d*g, but who knows?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I volunteered at Fleisher Art Memorial this weekend at their for their annual Valentine’s Day Print Love In, held at the Center for Works on Paper building at 705 Christian Street. For a small fee, you got a bag full of supplies to make as many cards as you wanted using screen printing, lithography, or stamps.

This is a lithography stone with a cat drawing. I’ve heard of lithography, of course, but have never seen it done. Read about the process here. At Fleisher, the stone was prepared and ready to go. All you had to do was ink it up, put it and the paper into the lithography press (Fleisher has a couple of these-one dates from 1888!) and run it through.

The finished product.

You could also screen print cards and pictures. I helped in the stamping department.

There were a number of pre-carved stamps with a Valentine’s Day motif. The Love stamp was especially popular.

Finished cards

I bought a card for my husband on my way out: Phoebe Muhrer’s Bubble Hearts.

Handmade x El Mercado Cultural

I will be joining the Open Studio Potters selling my handmade pottery and ceramic jewelry at Fleisher Art Memorial’s annual holiday handmade gift show on December 3.

Earrings galore made from ceramic porcelain clay

A selection of porcelain clay pendants paired with different metals and upcycled jewelry parts

Tiny ring bowls and vessels suitable for storing your baubles

Lots of one of kind earthenware mugs decorated with my handmade silk screens and stencils. There’s something for everyone. For more information on this year’s show and a complete list of artists, press here.

Looking for Inspiration

I’m back in the pottery studio this week. I plan to revisit the tar paper technique for hand building. Preferably with some interesting surface designs. Here are some pictures of a vase in progress.

Happy Halloween from Gold Star Park

I was back with Color Wheels this weekend helping kids to decorate Halloween trick or Treat bags in Gold Star Park in South Philly. We had quite a crowd! It was nice to see people out and about on a beautiful Autumn day.

Fleisher Student Show 2020

SS59Fleisher Art Memorial cancelledl the closing ceremony for  its  122nd annual Student Exhibition because of the Coronavirus.  That didn’t stop me from taking pictures of some of my favorite entries.

Pottery and Ceramics


Works on Paper and Prints

Fiber Art and Mixed Media and Mosaics

SS67Sandrine Sheon won the Student Advisory Council award for her ceramic piece, Credit None, Trash Walk, 2019

This is my contribution,  Eleanor Rigby’s Secret Jar.SS63, SS60