Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War at Clayathon

I am cleaning out my workshop for two reasons.  The first one is to clear out things I will probably never use like all that novelty yarn that looked so pretty at the time, and all those unopened stamp pads that I acquired from various rubber stamping conventions,  goody bags and sales too hard to resist.


These items and many others are now packed in bags on my workshop  floor, ready to be taken to Clayathon for the Junque Table.  This is my second reason for clearing things out.  Because clearing out your workshop is so much easier if you know that your former treasures will find new life with someone else.


The Clayathon Junque Table is a time-honored Clayathon tradition and the brainchild of Sherman Oberson, a serious collector of Junque, oddities, taxidermy and various art supplies.  Sherman invites Clayathon attendees  to sort through their supplies and bring anything from the “unwanted” category, the “no longer needed” category,  and the “OMG what was I thinking? category” to Clayathon where he and his crafty pack of  minions sort through everything,  The really desirable or costly items go into the auction.  The remainder go to the Junque table and are covered by a white sheet until the moment when Sherman whips the sheet aside, bellows,“Cry Havoc!,’ and let slip the dogs of war!” and retreats to a safe place while frenzied Clayathoners pick the table clean.

Here are some other things I am bringing for the Junque table:


Clayathon runs from April 4 to April 11 at the Seaview Resort in Stockton, NJ.   It’s sold out,  but I will be posting pictures.

Give Sherman for the Holidays

It’s not as hard as you might think!   Polymer Artist Sherman Oberson and his sleigh of goodies lands at the Whitemarsh Art Center’s Winter Craft Market Sherman will be there on December 5th, and on the other days, Ronin elves and  recovering Bad Santas will be vending Sherman’s ornaments and we hope they don’t drink up all the profits.

Whitemarsh Art Center

Dec 4   6-9pm
Dec 5    10am-5pm
Dec 6    12-3pm

The Barn at Cedar Grove Park
100 Cedar Grove Road Conshohocken PA 19428

He will also be selling his distinctive Christmas ornaments at the Punk Rock Flea Market  which runs from December 11 to 13th.   Be sure to catch him on December 12th.

Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market
Dec. 12th 10am-5pm
461 N. 9th St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19123
Here is a little sample of what Sherman will have available: