The Dancing House

I have had roofers banging on my house for a good part of the week, so it’s been hard to concentrate. Speaking of houses, Vlado Milunić, one of the architects of the Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic, died this week. He and Frank Gehry (who has a special affiliation with Philadelphia) designed the structure in 1992. Here’s a picture I took of the Dancing House in Prague a few years ago.


The Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic

David Černý and Public Art from Prague

David Černý is a  Czech artist who recently made the world news because of his work   Obscene Gesture, which my husband and I saw on a cruise  down the  Vltava river.  We  stumbled onto  another one of  his sculptures, the fascinating and delightful  In Utero on a walk around Prague one night.



The surface of the sculpture constantly changes, reflecting the time of day, the surrounding trees and even the night time traffic.


In Utero uncannily  captures the roundness of a very pregnant female body even though there’s not a round shape in it.


Treat yourself to a look at Černý’s web site.


  These flying figures are hanging over Dlouhá Street near the Lokál  Restaurant.


They’re suspended from wires and change direction with the breeze.  They remind me of paper dolls although they are metal.


I don’t know who the artist is!!! If anyone can identify the artist, please let me know.


And finally, The Dancing House