Tutorial Posts

For the Bezel Challenged 

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Make Your Own Viking Knit Tool

Make Yourself Some Pottery Tools

Make Your Own Jewelry Making Tools

Beaded Triangles Patterns for Dummies

Polymer Stamps for Ceramic Clay



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  1. Hello, what kind of needle do I need to buy to make a wet felted bead bracelet to get it on the elastic? And what kind of elastic thread for the bracelet? Tx.


    1. I would try a heavy duty sewing needle with a large hole and a sharp point. I think a recommended size would be size 18 darning needle which you can get on Amazon. You might need a thimble to get the needle through the bead. I like a heavy, round elastic for bracelets, but felted bead aren’t heavy or sharp so you might be able to get away with a Stretch Magic type of cord.

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